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Use of colour can be a major source of technical difficulty between authors and publishers caused by differences between colour formats and forms of colour reproduction. Not least, misunderstandings and errors arise because there is a marked difference between how a colour appears on screen versus on paper. Also, within each format, there are added variations (screen output is dependent on which computer operating system and version is used as well as settings on the computer monitor such as brightness and contrast; output from ink-jet, laser and lithographic printers are all different). The different base colours of RGB and CMYK formats are an added factor. The cost of four-colour printing has fallen but still remains high (printing costs can be doubled), so publishers are reluctant to use colour on the inside pages without good reason. If colour illustrations are unavoidable, costs can be reduced by grouping these illustrations into separate colour sections.

This definition is extracted (and expanded on) from the book Getting Published: A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences by Gerald Jackson and Marie Lenstrup. It was first referred to in the blog Getting Published in a post on the requirements and costs of self-publication.

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