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(1) An enterprise (normally a separate company or publisher’s department) that provides (usually commercial) printing services, often also offering typesetting and bookbinding services.
(2) Loosely, the premises of such an enterprise (a printing works) or the place where the printing presses are actually located (the print-shop).
(3) A person owning or running such an enterprise.
(4) Someone qualified in the printing trade or whose occupation is printing (e.g. operating a printing press).
(5) An output device (usually connected to a computer or computer network) that prints ‘hard copy’ of computer files, reports, etc. onto paper and other physical print media.

This definition is new, i.e. it is not extracted from the book Getting Published: A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences by Gerald Jackson and Marie Lenstrup. It was first referred to in the blog Getting Published in a post on printers.

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